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This website is brilliant at directing you towards a book you might enjoy: http://www.readitlovedit.com/

If you are looking to expand your reading experience, and knowledge of literature, you can also use these reading lists:

Years 7-9 Recommended Reading

Years 9-11 Recommended Reading

Sixth Form Reading List

The Book Trust also has some excellent, varied resources on books for teens.

Basic Skills Essential reading skills for adults, provided by BBC Skillswise.


The Written Style Guide. This document was issued to every student in Years 7-11 in December of 2014. You are are expected to carry this booklet in their school bags and and make frequent reference to it both in lessons and when completing work at home.

Here you can access a range of online, interactive tools that will help improve your writing.

The Lightning Bug Mark Twain once said that the difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter- it is the difference between the lightening bug and the lightening. This brilliant online portal will give you help and support to develop your storytelling skills, from helping with inspiration to giving you tips on how to develop your story through character and structure.

The Brainstormer This is a simple but effective tool that gets the creative juices flowing. Spin the wheel and The Brainstormer will suggest three elements for you to blend into a short story or piece of descriptive writing. Use this and you won’t be able to help writing something inventive!

Wordle You can use this to take a critical look at your own use of vocabulary in a piece of writing. Simply paste your own text into the tool and create a word cloud. Then you can take an objective look at the words you use and ask yourself the question: are they interesting/technical/appropriately formal?

Noteworthy Sentences Not so much an interactive tool as a fantastic blog onto which readers have contributed some of the best sentences from literature that they have enjoyed. As you scroll down the linked page you will also find example sentences that make correct and impressive uses of some of the more challenging types of punctuation that you should aim to use yourself!

Basic Skills Essential writing skills for adults, provided by BBC Skillswise.


Key Spellings for Secondary School

Spelling Games, Challenges and Resources

More Spelling Games, and Challenges