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Year 10 & 11 Student Surveys

Year 10 & 11 Surveys

Date: 04/12/20 by Mr N Tyrell

If you have not done so already can all Year 10 and 11 students please complete the surveys below.

Year 10 survey - Year 11 Survey

Make Your Mark

Youth Parliament

Date: 02/11/20 by Mr O'Dwyer

Every year, your UK Youth Parliament representatives meet in the House of Commons.
They discuss the things that matter to young people like you…

You will be covering the work of the Youth Parliament in your PSHE lessons and you will get the chance to VOTE HERE and begin your democratic journey by voting on the policies you want to introduce or change.

Make Your Mark!

Welcome Back

Hello and Welcome Back!

Date: 20/08/20 by Budehaven School

This year will go down in history as an incredibly challenging one, with the need for resilience and creativity for all staff and students of Budehaven Community School.

So much has had to change because of Covid-19 as you are now experiencing in your new year group 'Bubbles'. However we assure you that everyone working at the school is doing their very best to keep us all safe and happy. We hope you enjoy returning to school and that it won't take long to get used to our different ways of working.

Don't forget the Teaching, Support and Pastoral Staff are all here to help you so don't be afraid to ask if you have any questions, or need anything. We all need to look out for one another, follow the social distancing guidelines and make sure we wash and sanitise our hands at regular intervals throughout the day. Following the rules at all times will ensure our learning and personal development are not disrupted.

Have a great Autumn Term!

Exam Results Days 2020

A Level & GCSE Results Days 2020

Date: 20/08/20 by Budehaven School

Well done everyone!

Read all about the A Level Results day HERE & GCSE Results HERE

Covid-19 Prevention

Covid-19 Prevention

Date: 20/08/20 by Budehaven School

It is up to everyone within the Budehaven School Communty to practice the best possible Covid-19 protection regimes that we can. Regularly wash and sanitise your hands. Keep a good social distance from classmates and Staff. We can only defeat the spread of the virus if we work together.

Many thanks for your help.

School Magazine

School Magazine - The Lockdown Issue.

Date: 20/08/20 by Budehaven

If you missed it during Lockdown don't forget to check out the latest edition of the School magazine.
Once again it's packed full of some really good articles. Check it out here

Many thanks,
Mrs Sweeting


English Department - Renaissance Login Page.

Date: 17/07/19 by Mrs Sweeting

Access the Accelerated Reader website here

Many thanks,
Mrs Sweeting

Covid-19 protection

Covid-19 protection Advice

Date: 20/08/20 by Budehjaven School

In order to stop the spread of Covid-19 throughtout the school and into the community it is essential we all take care and regularly clean our hands. Simply handwashing a few times a day can have a really positive affect on fighting the disease. We are all responsible for each others continued health and well being.

Many thanks - Budehaven School