NSD – ‘No Screen Day’

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Tell us what you did.

We are really keen to document and celebrate the day, so please record what you do and send us photographs, videos, written accounts, or paint or draw a picture.
We want to celebrate the creativity and resilience of our community.

If any parents and carers also wish to contribute, we would welcome this too!

Simply e-mail photographs or written accounts to resources@budehaven.cornwall.sch.uk with ‘No Screen Day’ in the subject line and let us know your name & tutor group. You can send videos to the same address via WeTransfer. Instructions below:

How to send us video via WeTransfer.
WeTransfer is a great, safe and free way to send us larger video files that can’t be emailed.

1). Visit WeTransfer

2). Email it to resources@budehaven.cornwall.sch.uk

3). Add your email address

4). Let us know a bit about the video (Who, What, Where etc)



  • “No screen day”… 30 ideas of things you could try

    1. Your own bake-off, carried out remotely in your home, whilst your friends make the same food at their homes. You could even do this with an era of history in mind, by researching some ancient recipes from the past…
    1. Document all the things you have achieved in the last year. Turn this into a video diary, or a display, or a painting. Write a bucket list of the things you are going to commit to doing when lockdown is over.
    1. Make a biome in a box, or a model of a geographical phenomenon, or a contour map.
    1. Carry out a weather survey for Thursday, or a spring watch-style nature survey of the wildlife around you.
    1. On your daily walk/exercise, carry out a beach clean, and make a model or sculpture of any clean waste you find.
    1. Write a song or composition on a theme you and your friends decide upon. Or sing/perform a musical piece and record it, and submit it for publishing on our school Facebook or web page. Further develop a musical skill, or challenge yourself to learn to play a new song on an instrument you already play.
    1. Take an environmental slant in Design Technology, and think about the Rs. This could include activities where you reuse, repair, recycle etc. Get fixing things or upcycling and showing us what you have achieved.
    1. Share and celebrate your lockdown projects – make an everyday useful item out of recyclable waste and show it being used… we will award the best one!
    1. Bake a creation for a neighbour in need and deliver it in a socially distanced way.
    1. Build a miniature pond in your garden to attract spring wildlife.
    1. Learn to knit or crochet!
    1. Cook for your family and set the room up like a restaurant to treat them.
    1. Write a bedtime story for young children.
    1. Write cards to people in local care homes about what you have done over the last year.
    1. Make the highest structure you can make out of newspaper sheets with only staples or paperclips to hold it together. Photograph it and send it to us.
    1. The egg challenge - can you design and make a structure, from paper and card that will protect an egg from a height?
    1. How many animals can you make using paper origami?
    1. Make a mechanical model out of waste products from your recycle bin.
    1. Research how Britain is affected by low pressure weather systems. Now stand outside, feel the wind and look at the sky and then come up with a practical method to predict the local weather over the next 12 hours? Produce a home guide.
    1. Research Naismith's Rule for navigation, and using an Ordinance Survey Map, plan an interesting walk around Dartmoor. Split this walk up into sections and work out how long each section will take to complete and how long the walk will take in total. (Tip: you will probably walk at 4 km per hour). Then, when lockdown is over, go on the walk with your family and lead the way!
    1. Research how heart rate is affected by exercise, health and stress. Go about a normal day, with at least two sessions of exercise (obviously only one outside the boundary of your home), but take your pulse every 30 minutes throughout the day and explain why it changes. Create a chart that matches your activity with your pulse rate. If you have any strange results try to explain what might be going on?
    1. Leave your house - safely & following Covid-19 lockdown rules… Design a footprint, real or extra huge. Draw it on the beach. Collect rubbish and make one from that. (Recycle once done). Nice beach clean too. Stones/twigs/leaves make a footprint. Use water on a dry surface. The washing from your laundry - make a footprint shape. Cut the grass. Make a cake/bread/food. Make a trail of footprints for others to follow....safely! Could take photo. As Buddhists do with mandalas.... When the mandalais finally finished, however long it takes for the monks to deal in this divine geometry of the heavens, they pray over it — and then they destroy ... Because the underlying message of the mandala ceremony is that nothing is permanent. Let nature recover the footprint....or take your rubbish away.
    1. Learn a song in Spanish or French, or another language. Or learn how to say a particular sentence, or several, in at least five different languages.
    1. Contribute something for the Budehaven Time Capsule, which we will bury when things are back to normal. You could contribute:
    • drawings, paintings, photos and poems
    • photos of daily walks
    • recipes/ photos of what we've been baking
    • interviews with friends and families, written down or recorded
    • newspaper articles
    • handprints
    • reviews of music we've been listening to and films and things we've been watching
    • short stories or play scripts
    • monologues, written or filmed
    • fun fact sheets about fashion, trends, secrets to surviving lockdown
    1. Learn a poem by heart, and recite it. Post the video clip to us of you reciting your poem.
    1. Honour Captain Sir Tom Moore, by doing a hundred laps of the garden, write a 100 word poem, 100 minutes of yoga or exercise, bake 100 biscuits, dance for 100 minutes, 100 minutes of gardening, practice a new skill for 100 minutes, make a 100 minute playlist of lockdown favourite tunes...students could take photos or make a display.
    1. Dare to be different – try something you have never tried before. There are loads of ideas online. Learn a dance, or a craft.
    1. Do something connected with the golden rule of Christianity, Judaism and Islam 'treat others how you wish to be treated'
    1. In your garden, or on your one form of exercise, try a sport or skill you haven’t tried before.
    1. Try something else, of your own choice that is very different from what you would normally be doing. The idea is to learn or do something “different or new”
      Most importantly, have fun, and PLEASE share what you do with us, so we can celebrate “No Screen Thursday” together!