Uniform at Budehaven

Uniform Policy

Throughout Budehaven Community School, our expectation for exemplary behaviour, both in and out of school, is reflected in our expectation of uniform compliance. We expect and trust that parents and carers, students and staff work together to promote fairness and consistency and to prevent valuable school time being diverted to following up on breaches of uniform policy.

Our uniform was designed with the distinct purpose of differentiating between leisure and learning time. It was chosen to foster a smart image for students and to encourage them to be ready to focus on their work, free from distractions. We strive to support our students to develop themselves academically and socially and prepare themselves for life after school where a dress code or other restrictions may be expected.

Wearing the Budehaven School uniform, means that all students are ambassadors for our school and we hope all our students take this responsibility seriously. Taking pride in our school uniform demonstrates a commitment to our high standards of conduct and support of our shared values. We hope it indicates a sense of loyalty to one another and a commitment to look after what we have, our buildings, our equipment and our environment. It encapsulates our pride in our school community.

General Guidelines for the Budehaven School uniform are summarised as follows:

  • Smart Grey, tailored trousers or shorts (available from a number of suppliers, including supermarkets such as ASDA or Tesco).
  • Plain black footwear– with no other colour. They must be leather/leather style, and must be able to be polished. No canvas shoes, pumps or trainers are allowed.
  • Grey Pleat style Available here.
  • Navy Blue school blazer embroidered with crest. Available here or plain navy school blazers can be purchased from a number of suppliers (e.g. ASDA), along with the purchase of an embroidered school badge (available from the school).
  • Light blue school shirt or blouse. Long or short sleeved.
  • Budehaven Community School tieAvailable here. (In the case of pupils who, due to sensory needs, struggle with a standard tie, we can purchase clip-on ties)
  • Optional V-Neck jumper embroidered with the Budehaven crest. Available here. Please note that this is the only jumper allowed in school. Hoodies and other sweatshirts/jumpers are not permitted
  • Reasonable Adjustments for Students with Sensory Concerns
  • This uniform is statutory for all pupils.

With the exception of the school tie (and optional V-Neck jumper), parents/carers can choose where to purchase uniform.  If buying a plain navy blazer, please contact the school to purchase an iron on embroidered badge.

If you still have any queries relating to uniform please contact Mrs Bennett on the form below.

Specific Guidance and Detail:

  • Pleated Skirt Zoom
    Only one style of Skirt acceptable.

    Grey Pleat style skirt available HERE

    Length – The skirt is available in different lengths. The skirt must be at, or below the knee
  • Girls Trousers Boys Trousers
    Girls Trousers Boys Trousers

    General Guidance
    A plain grey, school uniform style trouser. (No “skinny”, tight-fit, jeans, cord, Chinos or jersey styles).

    Specific Guidance and Detail
    A rule of thumb when buying school uniform trousers is to avoid these features:

    • ‘tapered’ - meaning that they will be shorter than acceptable and too tight at the ankle.
    • ‘cropped’ – they will be ankle length and therefore too short.
    • ‘skinny’ – these will be far too tight, both at the thigh, lower leg and ankle.
    • ‘jeggings’ – basically thick leggings. Do look for the words: tailored and bootcut as these are acceptable.
    • ‘chino trousers, ‘jean trousers’ or ‘combat trousers’ – a cotton fabric would not be smart and therefore wouldn’t be appropriate.
    • Metal studs ▪ Metal buttons ▪ Horizontal pockets would suggest an informal trouser and would not be appropriate.
    • Thick or jersey material are less formal looking and therefore not suitable.
    • Suitable trousers are generally called ‘flat’ or ‘pleat’ trousers. Typically these types of formal trousers have, polyester/viscose material (much less likely to fade than cotton), vertical pockets, straight-legged and are more formal looking.
  • Grey Shorts Grey Shorts 2 Culottes

    General Guidance
    A plain grey, school uniform style short. A side, leg pocket will be acceptable on formal style shorts. A culottes style short would also be formal and therefore acceptable.

    Specific Guidance and DetailA rule of thumb when buying uniform shorts is to avoid these words:

    • ‘Chinos', ‘Jeans’– a cotton fabric would not be smart and therefore wouldn’t be appropriate.
    • Metal studs, Metal buttons and Horizontal pockets would suggest an informal item and would not be appropriate.
    • Shorts which have ‘turn-up hems’ would be too short and informal, therefore not appropriate.
    • Thick or jersey material are less formal looking and therefore not suitable.
  • Short Sleeve Shirt Long Sleeve Shirt
    Short Sleeve Shirt Long Sleeve Shirt

    General Guidance
    A plain light blue, tailored shirt, with either short or long sleeves only;
    capped or 3/4 length sleeves are not permitted.
    Can be obtained here
    (Other suppliers available)

    Specific Guidance and Detail
    Polo shirts are not permitted.

  • Acceptable Footware

    General Guidance
    School footware must be black and able to be polished. No canvas shoes are allowed.

    Specific Guidance and Detail
    Completely black footware with a solid sole. Footware must be of a style suitable for school in plain black which can be polished.
    Brown or white soled, canvas or suede shoes may not be worn.
    Any heels must be low.
    Boots are not permitted.
    Suitable trainers must be provided for PE lessons

  • General Guidance
    Plain black, cotton style ankle socks can be worn with tights.

    Specific Guidance and Detail
    Plain, no logos, white, black or grey socks, or black tights. Over‐knee socks, trainer socks and patterned tights are not permitted. Black Tights may be worn with shorts. Shorts cannot be more than 10cm above the knee.

  • Budehaven School Tie
    The Budehaven School Tie

    This must be tied at the collar in a neat medium sized knot. Available here
    Top button must be done up but can be loosened with a teacher’s permission.

  • PE Kit is a vital part of the school uniform.
    It helps to encourage the same values as the school uniform but also promotes high levels of hygiene.
    We endeavor for your child to be as active as possible during PE, and due to the effects of exercise it is vital your child has a change of clothing.
    Being proud of your school community is the epitome of what we would like to achieve at Budehaven Community School, and we hope you will support us in achieving this. 

    General Guidelines for the Budehaven PE uniform are summarised as follows:

    If there is any reason, you're unable to purchase any of these options please contact your child's teacher via Class Charts to discuss alternatives. 

    If you still have any queries relating to PE uniform, please contact Mrs Charge via Class Charts.

    Budehaven P.E Kit

    PE Kit 2022 2023 iconPE Kit can be ordered here

  • Additional Options

    Budehaven School Jumper
    Optional V-Neck jumper embroidered with the Budehaven crest:

    Optional School Jumper
    Order a jumper here

    The following are not allowed in school as part of the uniform

    • Bracelets, bangles, rings, ear stretchers, hoop/dangly earrings, ear hoops*, tattoos including henna.
    • One, discreet nose stud is allowed, and one pair of stud earrings.
    • Extreme hair colours and hair styles:
      Extreme hair colours mean an unnatural hair colour, extreme hair styles includes tramlines, Mohican hair of extreme variations in length.
    • Hoodies and sportswear. (All other outdoor clothing MUST be taken off when in school).
    • Trainers/skate shoes.
    • Non black belts or decorative belts.
    • Make up including nail varnish and false nails.
    • Skin-tight or extremely slim fitting trousers or trousers with a raised ridge seam on the front or rear.

    *(Not allowed for Health and Safety reasons)