Date:November 05, 2013

Key Stage 1 Multi Skills Firework Themed Festival

Over 120 infant school pupils took part in a multi skills festival at Budehaven Community School last week. The pupils from 7 schools – Bude Infants, Stratton, Kilkhampton, Whitstone, Marhamchurch, Jacobstow and St Marks, Morwenstow enjoyed the activity stations set up by Budehaven Sports Leaders. The Year 10 Sports Leaders organised activity stations for balancing, jumping, target shooting and bowling/throwing, whilst the Year 12 pupils concentrated their activities on running and catching. The pupils loved the different tasks which were all presented using the theme of ‘Fireworks’, many commented that “it was the brilliant and great fun!” At the beginning the pupils were welcomed by Courtney Peirson, Lauren Morgan and Charlie Butler from Year 10. The Tennis and Netball Centre echoed with the excitement and cheers from the pupils. At the end a huge thank you was shrieked to the leaders so loud that it must have been heard in Stratton. It can be certainly said that the Festival went off with a big BANG!

Jackie Walter