Date:September 18, 2019

Budehaven Uniform Expectations

16th September 2019

Dear Parent/Carer,

At Budehaven Community School, we are proud of our students, and the impression they give to all members of our community. I am writing to outline our uniform expectations, with particular attention to the acceptable footwear, detailed on the school’s website. One of our Budehaven values is “We look smart, act smart and think smart”, and I am keen to ensure this continues. I have included an extract from our school website below, to ensure there is no confusion over the type of footwear that is acceptable. This is not new information, and has been in place for over twelve months, since the new uniform was introduced last year:

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Students are allowed to wear one pair of stud earrings for school. Hooped earrings are not permitted, purely for Health and Safety reasons. As I am sure you can imagine, with approximately 1200 students walking through the corridors, safety is paramount. If your child comes to school in hooped earrings, they will be asked to remove them, so to prevent unnecessary conflict, please could you support us in ensuring they wear stud earrings only. I am a firm believer that it is far nicer to smile and say “Good morning” to a student, than to have to challenge them about their uniform. This way, we can begin the day positively, which is good for everyone.
I have been asked by several parents about nose piercings, and whether they are allowed in school. I have considered this and believe that a sensible approach to this is needed. I understand that young people are individuals, and outside of the school day, when they are not in uniform, they like to express themselves in a variety of ways. For this reason, in agreement with the Chair of Governors, I have decided that if students want to wear one nose piercing for school, as long as it is a small, plain stud, or the clear plastic nose studs that are inconspicuous, I will allow this. This is a slight change to the uniform policy, and we will review this next time we review the policy itself. As with earrings, we will not permit students to wear nose rings, again for Health and Safety reasons. The caveat to changing the rule to allow one nose piercing, is that it is removed for PE lessons for safety and Food/Hospitality and Catering lessons for hygiene reasons.

Thank you for your continued support with ensuring our students give a smart impression of themselves and of Budehaven Community School.
If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact, Mrs M Bardsley for Yr7, Mr M Reay for Yr8/Yr9 and Mr N Reay for Yr10/Yr11.

Yours faithfully,



Mr Dominic Wilkes

Full Uniform Information Here

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